Marriage: A Private or Social Matter? Open Discussion

What do you think?  Is marriage purely a private matter or does is there a wider social responsibility and concern?  I’d like to hear what you think.

It has become fashionable to think (in the West at least) that marriage and relationships in general are a purely private matter.  This was not always the case, with marriage being treated as a social contract with community responsibilities in many recent and historic societies.

Mr Justice Coleridge has sparked new controversy with his comments yesterday (16 June 2009):

What do you think?  Is Mr Justice Coleridge describing you as playing “pass the partner” and “musical relationships”, or do you think his comments are needed in society today?


2 thoughts on “Marriage: A Private or Social Matter? Open Discussion

  1. Abigail Cantrell

    I actually agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Justice Coleridge. Also, I have to say I think it’s appropriate that the guy’s name is Justice. The epidemic of family breakdown in western society is taking a huge toll on the children of this generation, as it has already taken a toll on all the generations alive today. If we actually followed the scriptural principals of marriage found in the Judeo-Christian ethics that our societies were founded on, we would have a much more stable (and generally happier) society. Divorce should only be an option for cases of spousal or child abuse, and remarriage an option only after the first spouse has died or the marriage has been officially annulled.
    The British have had a casual view on divorce for much longer than the rest of western civilization — blame it on Henry the VIII if you like. But can you honestly say that your happier as a culture and society on average than say, the Spanish, who stayed Catholic? Or the Italians, famous for their love and ability to relax? Or conservative protestant Americans? America as a society has been disintegrating rapidly since the 1960’s when “free love” and divorce became socially acceptable here.
    For further theological information, check out the movie “Fireproof”, the book “Fireproofing your Marriage” or the 40 day Love Dare.

    1. Steve Horsfield Post author

      Thanks for the comment Abigail.

      Sadly, “Justice” is not his actual name. “Mr. Justice” is one of several titles that a UK judge may have. In this case, the judge is in fact Sir Paul Coleridge (source: Times Online).


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