Steve HorsfieldMy name is Steve Horsfield and this is my (current) blog.

You can find my previous blog at http://blogs.interakting.co.uk/steve.  As a business-only blog it only contained material related to IT in general and my job activities specifically.  The blog you are now reading intends to expand on this.

So who am I?  Apart from the philosophical question of what defines someone, you can find more about me on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/steveuk.  I’m in my 30s,  I am Christian, I have a wife and I recently moved to Belgium.  Beyond that, how much do we know ourselves anyway? (Actually, maybe that’d be a good blog discussion!)  Find out who I am by getting involved on this blog if you find the content interesting.

I’ll try to write in good English, so please do let me know if you spot grammatical or spelling mistakes.