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Philosophy and Science 2: Singularities

Following on from my previous post about science and philosophy, in this post I introduce the mathematical concept of a singularity as it relates to science and philosophy.  You can read my earlier post here: Philosophy and Science.

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Philosophy and Science

Political and social dialogue about science abounds, especially concerning the nature of truth.  It may come as a surprise to realise that the study of truth is not in the domain of science but rather of faith and philosophy.  In this post I hope to introduce some of the elementary considerations of philosophy and science that explain why this is so.  I will introduce some of the basic premises and philosophy of science to set a basis for further discussion on a variety of topics in the domains of science, politics, philosophy and religion.

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Democracy and Party Politics: Open Discussion

Here’s the question that bugs me:

“To what extent does the natural tendency toward parties in democratic representational governments lead the practice of government away from true representation of the electorate?”

And following on from that:

“How effective are current practices at mitigating these movements?”

Comments welcome from all sides of the political debate and from all countries.  References to academic material and case studies are also welcome.  Comments will be subject to careful moderation on this subject.

The time to heal is now

Have you ever wondered if God actually wants to heal? Is He content, waiting for when you get to heaven? Do you doubt that He’s interested in healing today? Or at least healing you?

I don’t want to simplify things too much here. I personally have seen someone die from cancer while several of us were praying for her healing, confident of God’s intervention. I don’t know the answer to the question “why”. There are those close to me whom I’d love to see physically healed. Equally, there are those I’d love to see set free from various afflictions. “Why” is a very big and difficult question.

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