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Marriage: A Private or Social Matter? Open Discussion

What do you think?  Is marriage purely a private matter or does is there a wider social responsibility and concern?  I’d like to hear what you think.

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Hype or Horizon: Total Automatic Translation and Interpretation

In the last few years there have been massive improvements in machine-translation software.  The promise of replacing interpreters and translators with machines is held out as a real possibility in businesses and institutions.  Is it just hype or is it on the horizon?

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Democracy and Party Politics: Open Discussion

Here’s the question that bugs me:

“To what extent does the natural tendency toward parties in democratic representational governments lead the practice of government away from true representation of the electorate?”

And following on from that:

“How effective are current practices at mitigating these movements?”

Comments welcome from all sides of the political debate and from all countries.  References to academic material and case studies are also welcome.  Comments will be subject to careful moderation on this subject.