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Experimenting with GLEE

I have been monitoring the hits on my blog and there seems to be a fair bit of interest in the Microsoft GLEE library. Unfortunately, I have found it to be fairly incomplete for many interesting scenarios. In the process of this mini-investigation I developed a small utility to allow the manual construction of graphs. You can find both the code and the application below. You can also save out your graphs as images (but not, sadly, in a serialized form).

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Microsoft GLEE and AGL resources

If you have been interested in the Microsoft GLEE graphing utility, and the full product MS AGL then you may have found it hard to locate further information.  Help files and more are listed below:
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F#: Graphing with GLEE

Following on from my last post about modelling graphs as data structures in F#, in this post I show how to use Microsoft’s graphing tool GLEE to plot the graph.

The previous post is here: F#: A Data Structure For Modelling Directional Graphs.

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