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Download the Regular Expression Processor

You can now download the F# regular expression processor (including all dependencies) here:


F#: A Complete Regular Expression Processor

This post completes this mini-series on regular expression processing in F#.  You can find the complete source code here as well.  It has been a good practice for me and I hope you have found the series useful.

Previous posts are here:

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F#: Compiling a Regular Expression Syntax

Following on from my previous posts, I now show how to build a regular expression compiler.  Later this week I will post the conclusion of this mini-series with a processor that uses this compiled representation.  The previous posts are:

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F#: Building a Regular Expression Pattern Parser

It has been a while since I did any real functional programming (about 10 years!) and so I thought I’d set myself a challenge with Microsoft’s F# language: build a regular expression engine.  Of course there are many of these off-the-shelf, but that would defeat the point of (re-)learning how to do real functional programming!

Here’s part one: parsing a pattern…

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