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A Prayer for Fruitfulness

A prayer for today for all who long for greater fruitfulness in the  whole measure of Christian life.

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Walking in Wilderness

I recently added my comments to a discussion on LinkedIn about advice for those Christians currently in a place of wilderness (I’ll talk more about what I mean by “wilderness” in a bit).  I’ve been asked to elaborate on what I originally posted and I have chosen to do so here.

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The time to heal is now

Have you ever wondered if God actually wants to heal? Is He content, waiting for when you get to heaven? Do you doubt that He’s interested in healing today? Or at least healing you?

I don’t want to simplify things too much here. I personally have seen someone die from cancer while several of us were praying for her healing, confident of God’s intervention. I don’t know the answer to the question “why”. There are those close to me whom I’d love to see physically healed. Equally, there are those I’d love to see set free from various afflictions. “Why” is a very big and difficult question.

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