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WS-BPEL, Windows Workflow Foundation and Race Conditions

In this post I am raising the question about how to deal with race conditions in asynchronous service invocations. I have seen possible solutions in BizTalk and WF scenarios but they are both pretty messy and have their own race condition issues. What do you do to address these issues in your solutions?

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Science, Mathematics and Unit Testing

I have always considered testing to be an important part of quality software development, however I find the focus on unit testing in commercial environments is worrying, particularly when combined with junior developers.  What has this to do with science and mathematics?  Read on…

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Coupling issues in SOA development with .NET

Recently, I have been working on an SOA project using WCF.  As development moved toward integration of multiple services I found the coupling of services to be a real pain point.  Although services operated in a loosely coupled fashion, the actual implementation of the services was less ideal.

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Scalability and Architecture Issues of SME Web Content Management Systems

Many low-end and middle-end web CMS providers profess (indeed stress) scalability and extensibility but in my experience the architectures of those systems are fundamentally flawed in achieving these aims. What are your thoughts?

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