The time to heal is now

Have you ever wondered if God actually wants to heal? Is He content, waiting for when you get to heaven? Do you doubt that He’s interested in healing today? Or at least healing you?

I don’t want to simplify things too much here. I personally have seen someone die from cancer while several of us were praying for her healing, confident of God’s intervention. I don’t know the answer to the question “why”. There are those close to me whom I’d love to see physically healed. Equally, there are those I’d love to see set free from various afflictions. “Why” is a very big and difficult question.

I’ve been reading Luke 13 today. There, Jesus makes it very clear that God doesn’t want to delay any healing or emancipation from physical affliction. This “daughter of Abraham” had been afflicted for 18 years but Jesus wasn’t going to wait a day to appease the Jewish authorities, neither did He wait for her to come to Him. No, Jesus intervenes and heals right away, in the “now” of the moment.

God wants to heal. Fact. Don’t let the “why” get in the way of understanding God’s character. He’s a healing God, and He does not like the delay.

Isn’t that cool :)


2 thoughts on “The time to heal is now

  1. Dan Matthews

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there bro – GOD wants to heal.

    Sometimes, I think the problem is that we want to heal and want God to somehow be the ‘tool’ that we use.

    If you look at the scriptures, God always has a plan, purpose and reason for everything he does. Whether it’s raising someone up for prophecy, or ministry, or healing someone, or bringing someone back to life, it’s all part of His plan and purpose. Not ours. Much though we might like it to be.

    So I guess the key thing is this… let us walk WITH the Holy Spirit day by day and I am sure we will see amazing things happen when He works through us, at his biding. Let’s not think that walking with the Spirit means telling Him what to do day by day. That’s all of flesh and none of God.

    If we want to see healing, let’s lift that matter up to God in prayer, but lets not EXPECT. Because expecting implies control, and we are not God. If God chooses to heal when we are expectant it is because of His love and grace, not because we expected.

    And to those who say that the Bible says ‘your faith has healed you’, then think on this. Does this mean ‘your absolute certainty that I will heal you means that I am obliged to heal you’ or does it mean ‘your absolute conviction that I am God, and that I am fully capable of healing you, means that I, in my grace, am going to confirm your faith by healing you’?

    We should be convicted that God CAN heal. He can. He wishes to. We should be open to it. Pray for it. But lets prepare our hearts and minds for his will first, and healing second. Then we will be ready to receive his grace.

    God bless :)

    1. Steve Horsfield Post author

      Thanks for your comments Dan. I like your emphasis on us working with the Holy Spirit rather than telling Him what to do.

      In response to your comment, “let’s not expect,” a few years ago I felt God was telling me, through words via other people, to expect things of God. Since then, expectation has been a key theological principle in my walk with God, albeit a difficult one. In short, I believe Scripture contains promises from God that He has made to us of His supreme volition and we are to expect God to honour those promises. That’s a fairly simplistic answer. More in a future post :)

      Regardless of a theology of expectation, we agree that His will must come first and healing second. As I write this, I’m aware of some friends currently in hospital following an accident at the weekend. I am and will be praying firstly for God’s will, not just abstractly but that God would make us aware of His specific will in this context, and secondly that He would heal them both.


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